Adrift New Stuff 12/17

Hey guys, its been a while since I’ve touched this project but I’ve been wanting to come back to it and add more content to it. I have lots of stuff planned for future updates, but for now here’s what’s included:

Bug fixes: I’ve fixed some bugs with the mines that were pushing the player backwards based on the direction they were facing rather than based on which direction they’re actually moving.

New mechanic: teleporters! These obviously move objects from one point to another when they’re touched. Objects that can be teleported include the player and asteroids, and some things that haven’t been put into the new levels yet.

New levels: 5 new levels, 4 of which include the teleporter mechanic. They’re moderately difficult, I feel, so they should hopefully entertain you for a little bit while I work on more.

Art: One of my friends was gracious enough to agree to help me with the art for the game, so big thanks to Curtis for that(@Lucid_Stew on Twitter). For now there’s new menu art, but more will come later!

Hope you guys like what’s there so far and are looking forward to more!

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Dec 17, 2020

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